We are Crooked Carrot, Ithaca's first Community Supported Kitchen (CSK).  We produce a variety of healthy, locally-sourced foods to help you transform seasonal produce into delicious, convenient meals.  For more information please visit our About section.

News for Nov 7, 2014
Posted by: Jesse

Hello Crooked Carrot Members!

Fall is one of my favorite times for cooking, the weather is cooling off enough that I feel inspired to start baking again, and I start craving hot soups! Our Smoked Jalapeno Squash Soup makes a great quick meal with a slice of good bread and some dark greens on the side (maybe kale salad dressed with Maple-Tamari?). Or maybe warm up the oven for a batch of lasagna or stuffed shells made with our Tomato-Basil Pasta Sauce? For lunches in the kitchen lately we've been making a simple and very satisfying dish: sauteed cabbage and onions, and roasted potatoes, tossed together with tomato sauce. Yum!

And don't forget the Original Kraut! It's awesome with meat and potatoes, or on its own as a refreshing probiotic snack. And it's Eli's current favorite, right up there with blueberries!

Visit our online menu and place your order today.

We also wanted to remind you that our last regular distribution for the fall will be the week of November 12th, the same week as Full Plate's last distribution. But not to worry, you can keep ordering delicious local food throughout the winter! We'll be switching over to "Stock Up Sales" once again this winter, which just means that we'll be distributing roughly every six weeks instead of every other week. We'll still keep you posted with order deadlines, new products, and news from the kitchen. Stay tuned for more details and dates. Or email us with questions in the meantime!

Thanks for continuing to support the local food dream, and keep in touch!

Silas, Johanna, and Jesse
The Crooked Carrot Team