We are Crooked Carrot, Ithaca's first Community Supported Kitchen (CSK).  We produce a variety of healthy, locally-sourced foods to help you transform seasonal produce into delicious, convenient meals.  For more information please visit our About section.

News for Jun 11, 2014
Posted by: Jesse

Hello from Crooked Carrot -

Update, 6/19 - The menu for our first CSA distribution is now open! Go check it out and get your orders in for June 25th.

It's finally summer!  And summer means we're kicking off our 2014 CSA season. This year we're doing things a bit differently - we've simplified and streamlined several aspects of the CSA.  Read on for details, or head right over to the sign-up form to create an account!

Flexible Ordering

This year, instead of offering fixed shares, we're moving entirely to a flexible ordering system.  Every two weeks, you can order exactly which items you want!

Over the years we've learned that fixed shares don't work super-well for us or for our members:  They limit our options for desiging menus, and members often find that they'd prefer more (or less) of an item included in the share.  By switching to flexible ordering, we hope to make this easier for everyone!

Simpler Payment Options

Since we won't be doing fixed shares we no longer need to have a bunch of complicated credit packages.  Instead, you can buy any amount of credit that you want (with a minimum purchase of $150) and receive a 10% discount on everything you buy with your credit.  Simple!

We're also discontinuing jar deposits, so there's no longer any need to buy extra credit to cover deposit costs.  We WILL still be re-using returned jars, though!  As always, you can drop your clean, dry jars off at our pick-up locations.

And if you don't want to bother with the credit system, you're in luck!  This year we'll be accepting credit card payments via PayPal for individual orders.

Focus on the Pantry

Finally, our menus this year will be focusing on items that we can make consistently, and which have a moderate-to-long shelf-life.  This means stuff like salad dressings, hot sauce, live-culture pickles, canned goods like apple sauce and tomato sauce, and frozen items like soups and bean dishes.

Another lesson we've learned from doing this for a while is that our members have favorite items that they like to be able to rely on getting from us.  It's also hard for us to make a zillion new items all the time!  By narrowing our focus a bit, we can make our kitchen operations more efficient (which helps us keep costs down!) while keeping a more consistent menu for you to choose from.

We're optimistic that these changes will make our CSA more useful and sustainable than ever. Watch this space for more updates as we approach our first distribution, currently planned for June 25th.  Here's to a great summer, and thanks for your support!

Best wishes,

Silas, Jesse, Johanna, and Eli